Publications and Press Releases


Klara Insulander Bjørk’s paper on
A BWR Fuel Assembly Design for Efficient Use of Plutonium in Thorium-Plutonium fuel.

Other selected publications from journals and conferences

Comparison of thorium-based fuels with different fissile components in existing boiling water reactors

Comparison of Thorium-Plutonium fuel and MOX fuel for PWRs

Thorium-plutonium fuel for long operating cycles in PWRs – preliminary calculations.

Designing a Thorium Fuel Irradiation Experiment, see pages 165-171

Study of Thorium-Plutonium Fuel for Possible Operating Cycle Extension in PWRs
Article by Klara Insulander Björk, Cheuk Wah Lau, Henrik Nylén and Urban Sandberg in
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations

Irradiation of a thorium–plutonium rodlet: Experiment and benchmark calculations, by Klara Insulander Björk, S. Mittagc, R. Nabbid, A. Rineiskie, O. Schitthelmd, and B. Vezzonie.

Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, Research Article: Feasibility Study of 1/3 Thorium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide Core, by Cheuk Wah Lau, Henrik Nylén, Klara Insulander Björk, and Urban Sandberg

Press releases

2018.01.30 New generation thorium mixed oxide fuel pellets loaded into reactor for testing

2017.01.20 Thor Energy strengthens collaboration with Cambridge University

2016.01.12 Second round of thorium test irradiation underway

2015.04.08 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute joins Thor Energy in fuel test irradiation consortium

2013.07.01  Thorium Fuel – Test irradiation underway in Norway

2012.02.10  Thorium nuclear fuel irradiation project initiated